Have pets? Have odors? Have ozone? We make several generators to help with odor control! July 13 2015, 0 Comments

So many of our customers call dealing with pet odor problems- and we feel we may have found a solution!  Our air ozone generators are designed to shock treat an area affected by strong pet odor- the wonderful thing about ozone is that after it destroys bacteria, it just reverts back to oxygen.. And odor isn't the only reason to try ozone, many customers enjoy ozonating their pets drinking water for fresh tasting refreshment!

"Thanks a lot for all your time and help.  The new unit arrived this morning yay!  As I put clean ozonated water in my cats bowl today I thought of you your love for your cat having clean air. :-D

Have a fab week!"

-Tulsa, Oklahoma, 6/6/2014

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