DIY-Ozonated Olive Oil September 19 2016, 1 Comment

bottle of olive oil

Do you want to take on a quick and easy project that can save you money and make you popular with your friends? Create some ozonated olive oil today! Tell your friends about your experience and they will want to try your goods. 

Ozonated olive oil is good for many different issues with the skin, both for humans and animals.

There are a few steps to getting the ozonated olive oil to become a salve. 

It is important to prepare a place to ozonate olive oil that will be well ventilated and away from your living area. We feel the best olive oil to ozonate is the organic Greek olive oil. Technically, you can use any of our Multi Purpose machines to ozonate your olive oil, but the stronger the machine, the faster the oil will solidify. You will need a large glass container, and fill no more than 1/3 to 1/2 full with the olive oil. Place the tubing with the grey diffuser stone into the glass container. You can put a dinner plate or some kind of glass over your container to keep dust out while ozonating the oil. You will want a nice, even bubbling to occur when you start it up. However, the olive oil will have times when it is producing large bubbles, so be careful to not overfill the container with olive oil. Set your ozone generator to 100 concentration.

The olive oil will be complete when it is a cream-textured salve. For run times with our various machines, see the chart below:


Our MP Unit

Ounces of Oil

Time for Olive Oil to Ozonate



3-4 weeks (liquid ozonated oil – not solid salve)


6 – 10 oz

3-4 days (salve)


6 – 12 oz

2-3 days (salve)


6 – 14 oz

2-3 days (salve)


6 – 18 oz

2-3 days (salve)

After the process is complete, you can put it into smaller containers and freeze and preserve the ozonated olive oil for several months.