Collecting Rainwater: Ozone Generator Water Treatment

Collecting Rainwater Ozone Generator Water Treatment

Alternative Water Supply

Rainwater harvesting provides an alternative water source while conserving water in your community. This method can be used as a main source or as a backup water source.

Is Rainwater Clean?

While rainwater is usually considered clean, it’s important to remember it’s only as clean as its container. Typically, collected rainwater is used for non-drinking purposes like bathing, washing dishes or flushing toilets. Ozone treatment will help eliminate bacteria and other materials from the water before its intended use.

Benefits of Rainwater

Collecting rainwater for personal use can help reduce water bills while also helping the environment. Rainwater harvesting can help reduce erosion and reduce flooding.

Collecting Rainwater Ozone Generator Wastewater Treatment

Getting Started

  • Store in shed or another covered area outside
  • Keep ozone generator above tank so water doesn’t flow back into ozonator
  • Keep diffuser stone no more than 4 inches deep inside water storage tank
  • Set timer for 15 minutes every 1 hour or 2 hours

If using a garden timer. . . Plug garden timer into wall outlet, then plug timer into ozone generator power cord. Set electricity at 150-200 watts. Set timer to turn on every hour or two hours to infuse ozone. 

The MP-Series is recommended for rainwater treatment. View the MP-Series here.

View the Collecting Rainwater PDF here

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