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albert noroozi and customer a2z ozone engineer
 Les and Albert at A2Z Ozone, Inc.

Last month we had a wonderful visit with our customer, Les, from Australia. He flew over to investigate the ozone generator that Albert, our CEO and chief engineer, made especially for him. Les and Albert have been talking about creating the prototype since at least Summer of 2016, and it has all come together for them with this visit. Not only did they enjoy a nice day together, these two talked about ozone extensively. Les also received one of our Aqua-6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generators and a faucet aerator for his use. Now, Les has the project of connecting all the dots by testing his new machines in Australian and surrounding marketplaces.

Les’s contact details:

Australian Dental Supplies Pty Ltd.

Uses:  Ozone equipment for sterilizing and disinfecting work surfaces in the Dental Environment.
What About Your Current Needs?

Do you have an ozone project in mind and need help getting started? Albert loves projects where he can use his expertise to develop units that specifically meet customers’ needs. He has served many customers in this manner. Often, industrial laboratories simply want Albert’s expert opinions on how to use the ozone, how to measure the ozone, and what product or device will suit their projects best. Albert has traveled far and wide to customers’ facilities. If you have a project with ozone, Albert can help. He not only will assist you with your needs, he will keep your business to himself. He truly enjoys meeting with our customers. Please call 502-499-4977 for more information.

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  • DominicSpedaliere on

    I am looking for a unit that can make ozonated olive oil. Please advise as to what your suggest. I am looking for a larger unit to make bulk product as i currently produce olive oil and olive oil medicinal items.

    Thank you

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