32 Ways to Use Ozonated Water Daily

Aqua-6 Aqua-8 Aquatic Aquatic 2 SP Series Spa & Pool Water Applications

At the right levels, ozone is a very safe and effective disinfectant. Ozone is commonly used to treat water, but have you ever considered the many ways ozonated water can be used in daily life? Check out this list for ways ozone can be used for water applications.

  1. Tap water

  2. Hand washing

  3. Dishes

  4. Drinking water

  5. Meat treatment to extend shelf life

  6. Well water

  7. Clean water in emergency storage

  8. Bath water to remove bacteria from skin

  9. Small water storage tanks

  10. Baby toy sanitation

  11. Fish tanks

  12. Spas

  13. Treat poultry to extend shelf life

  14. Pools

  15. Vegetable treatment to extend preservation period

  16. Ozonated water for shampooing

  17. Toothbrush disinfection before/after use

  18. Gargling to freshen breath

  19. Wastewater treatment

  20. Disinfection of dishes and tableware

  21. Activate epidermal cells

  22. Clean cooking utensils

  23. Treat fish to extend shelf life and remove odor

  24. Disinfect city water

  25. Baby bottle sanitation

  26. Bathe/disinfect pets

  27. Clean toilets

  28. Ozonate vase water to increase longevity of flowers

  29. Clean floors

  30. Ozonated water to brew coffee

  31. Fruit treatment

  32. Ozone infused laundry

Interested in air applications? Check out our list of 28 ways to use ozone in the air here.

      A2Z Ozone believes that everyone should be able to benefit from the use of ozone, everyday, in their OWN homes. Many of these water applications can be completed using the portable Aqua-8.



      For a more detailed ozone application guide, click here


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      • Emily, Marketing Manager on

        Hi Samara, the Aqua-6 could be used to make liquid ozonated oil, however if you are interested in solid ozonated oil, a stronger unit from the MP Series would be needed. Here’s a link to the necessary times for ozonated oil creation: https://www.a2zozone.com/blogs/how-to/diy-ozonated-olive-oil. Give our office a call at 502-499-4977 or email us at sales@a2zozone.com if you need assistance finding which unit is right for you.

      • Samara on

        I have your aqua 6 ozonator – just wondering if it’s strong enough to make ozonated oil?

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