28 Air Ozone Generator Applications

A7K Air Applications Air-3500 Air-7000 Aqua-6 Aqua-8 Bathroom Odor Car Odor Home Odor

Our ozone generators can be used to shock treat a room to powerfully remove strong odors or used throughout the day to periodically freshen a room. Check out our list of common air applications used by our customers.

  1. Mold/mildew removal

  2. Kitchen food odor removal

  3. Car odor removal

  4. Kill airborne bacteria

  5. Neutralize skunk odors

  6. Remove paint odor

  7. Fire restoration

  8. Kill bacteria in bedding

  9. Ozonate hunting gear

  10. Eliminate basement odors

  11. Remove fungus

  12. Eliminate chemical odor from dentist office

  13. Houseboat odor remediation

  14. Home odor removal

  15. Remove smoke damage

  16. Deodorize rental properties

  17. Remove odors from clothing

  18. Eliminate pet odors

  19. Remove bed bugs

  20. Furniture treatment

  21. Maintain room freshness with timed ozone release

  22. Treat A/C system to clear vents

  23. Eliminate cigarette smoke odor

  24. Remove chemical odors from doctor office

  25. Kill airborne pollen

  26. Eliminate smoke immediately

  27. Eradicate shoe odors

  28. Remove moisture odors

For air applications, check out the Air Series

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