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Ozone Generator Holiday Gift Guide

Here’s what to give to the ozone lover on your list.

Aqua-8 Portable Multi-Purpose Ozonator

When designing the Aqua-8 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator, our head engineer kept customer feedback in mind to tackle air and water applications in the home or beyond. The result is an upgraded version of our best-selling unit, the Aqua-6, rebuilt from the ground up. The Aqua-8 boasts an upgrade in ozone output to 800 mg/hour and an oxygen port for an oxygen generator or oxygen tank. Another feature that sets this unit apart from the Aqua-6 is that it is free standing and wall-mountable. The unit’s timer functions are upgraded to 18-settings to fit any ozone need. Additionally, the unit comes equipped with self-diagnostics displayed with LED lights.

Aqua-8 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

Special Features:

  • 18-setting functional timer
  • Internal memory that maintains previous setting if the device is turned off mid-treatment
  • Two 36" flexible tubes for ozonating
  • Two coarse grey diffuser stones
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Wall-mountable

A7K Air Ozone Generator

Oxidize odors, bacteria and mold from the air

This unit is designed to powerfully shock treat rooms suffering from mold, mildew, and strong smoke/odor damage. The A7K includes a remote control to efficiently set up 30 min, 1-hour, 2-hour and 4-hour settings, and most importantly this unit has a repeat timer!

The unit also features single or dual plate activation for either 3500 mg or 7000 mg ozone output per hour. The unit is equipped with a stainless steel handle for easy portability from room to room.

No people, plants or pets should not be in the room when the A7K is running.

A7K Air Ozone Generator

Features include:

  • Remote control
  • Powerful blower to evenly distribute ozone
  • Mold remediation capabilities
  • Fan speed settings: low, medium or high

MP-3000 Multi-Purpose Ozonator

Oxidize Air and Water

Used for air and water applications, the MP-3000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator is designed with heavy duty jobs in mind. At 3000 mg/hour, the MP-3000 is versatile enough to complete household jobs and light industrial and commercial applications.

The MP-3000 is equipped with a built-in internal air compressor and heavy-duty cooling fan. With the simple press of a button, the MP-3000 can complete most air and water applications with ease.

Stocking Stuffers

Silica Air Dryer

For use with ozone generators to help alleviate moisture build up within the unit. Over time, moisture build up can lead to mildew and corrosion inside the ozone generator.

Silica Air Dryer

  • Silica beads absorb moisture to keep pure clean air inside ozone generators
  • Easy to install and ready to go out of the box

Replacement Diffuser Stones and Tubing Set

Set includes two fine white stones, one course gray stone and additional tubing. A2Z Ozone 1 inch diffuser stones are used to evenly distribute ozone into water, air and/or oil with the Aqua-6 and Aqua-8 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generators. A2Z Ozone 2 inch diffuser stones are used  evenly distribute ozone into water, air and/or oil. This stone is recommended for the MP-Series Ozone Generators. 

2 inch Diffuser Stone

Aqua-6 Repair Kit

After years of use, the Aqua-6 may need certain parts replaced to continue producing ozone at the highest concentrations. Your loved one can keep their Aqua-6 running smoothly with the Aqua-6 Repair Kit. 

Aqua-6 Repair Kit

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