20 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Ozonated Water

There are many reasons ozone has been used to treat wastewater and drinking water for many decades. Check out this list of reasons to learn about the many benefits of using ozone to treat the water we use everyday. 

  1. Ozone is more effective than chlorine
  2. Ozone will eliminate odors
  3. Ozone removes unpleasant tastes
  4. Ozone will kill bacteria
  5. The oxidation process leaves no chemical residue behind
  6. Ozone treatment provides additional oxygen to the water
  7. Ozone has been used to treat water for over 100 years
  8. Ozone works faster than chlorine
  9. Ozone will remove iron
  10. Ozone will remove manganese
  11. Ozone will oxidize organic pesticides
  12. Ozonated water can extend the shelf life of produce
  13. Ozonation has a short contact time, meaning the water is cleaned faster than other treatment methods
  14. Ozone will prevent the regrowth of microorganisms
  15. Ozone decomposes rapidly
  16. Ozone will oxidize sulfur
  17. Ozone eliminates viruses
  18. Ozone is used to treat municipal water
  19. Ozone can eliminate cryptosporidium
  20. Ozone will remove discoloration



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