10 Steps to Ace Home Inspections

A7K Air Applications Air-3500 Air-7000 Apartment Odor Home Odor

A key step that must be completed before buying a home is the inspection. The home inspector likely knows what to look for, but keep these points in mind before the inspection is completed.

The property could have an unpleasant odor or dusty HVAC system. Use A2Z Ozone's powerful Air Series to oxidize these odors and materials for good. 

10 Home Inspection Tips Infographic

Check out the Air Series product line here.

Use this guide to shock treat homes for severe odor removal.

Follow this walkthrough to eliminate harmful material in the HVAC ducts.




When operating an ozone generator, please remember to remove people, pets, and plants from the area. Be sure to leave the area being treated immediately and only return once the ozone has dissipated. Under most conditions, the treated area should be safe to return to 30 minutes to 1 hour after the unit stops producing ozone. Treated spaces or buildings should be well-ventilated prior to re-entry.

In case of accidental leakage of ozone, keep the ozone generator in a 
well- ventilated area. 
Ozone generators emit ozone. Do not inhale ozone. 
Ozone generators generate high voltage. 
Our ozone generators are designed and distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA. EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1. Produced and made in China.


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