How to Remove Mold with Ozone Generators

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Use the A7K Air Ozone Generator to treat mold & mildew. To be effective for mold treatments, ozone generators should produce at least 7000 mg/hour. Follow these instructions:

1. First, place the ozone generator in front of the fan in the room that needs to be treated the most.

2. Next, turn the oscillating fan on at full speed.

3. Then, turn the ozone unit on full power while selecting the appropriate time setting on your unit for the severity of the smell.

4. For example, heavy mold smells will require longer treatment times (4 hours or more), while weaker mold smells could be solved in a shorter amount of time (4 hours or less).

5. For this video, we treated the room for 30 minutes.

6. Before turning on your unit, remove all valuables, plants, and/or pets from the room so they do not come into direct contact with ozone.

7. Exit the building for the next 4.5 hours at a minimum, but we recommend that you wait 5 hours before returning.

8. Keep in mind, the half-life of ozone is 30 minutes.

9. If the smell of ozone is too strong when you return, be sure to open windows to air out the building.

Please Note: Be sure to only use your ozone generator in an unoccupied area. Our units produce high amounts of ozone. It is not safe to run the unit in an occupied area for more than 1 minutes. Be sure to remove any valuable items, pets and/or plants before you use the ozone generator. Do not breathe in ozone directly.

The A7K, Air-7000, and Air-3500 are our most effective units for air treatment applications.

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