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How to Remove Odors with MP Series Ozone Generators

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How to Remove Odors with MP Series Ozone Generators

Check out this video walkthrough for steps to eliminate odors with the MP Series Ozone Generators.

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Replacing Air-7000 Ozone Plates

Air-7000 Technical Walkthroughs Videos

How to Replace Air-7000 Ozone Generator Plates

Use this walkthrough to change the plates in the Air-7000 Ozone Generator. Replace the plates after 2000 hours of use.

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How to Keep Toys Germ Free

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kill bacteria and germs on toys with a2z ozone generators

Children spread germs on the surfaces of toys. Adding ozone to a cleaning routine will kill germs without the use of harmful bleach, which can irritate the skin.

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How to Remove Skunk Odors

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remove skunk odors with a2z ozone generators

Knowing how to get rid of the smell is important as skunk season approaches. If skunk odor has impacted your home, follow these steps to eliminate the odor with an ozone generator.

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How to Change the Voltage on MP Units

MP Series Technical Walkthroughs Videos

how to change voltage on mp series ozone generator

This walkthrough shows how to change the voltage on any MP unit from 110 volts to 220 volts. For additional technical assistance, call the A2Z Ozone office or email the technician directly. 

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