Replacing A7K Ozone Generator Control Board

The control board or ozone plates are the most common part failures our A7K owners experience. Follow this guide to replace the control board in the A7K Air Ozone Generator.

  • Remove the four screws that hold the face plate onto the A7K
  • Two on the front and one is located on each side
  • The back panel of the unit will then be exposed
  • At this point, we recommend taking a picture of the unit’s internal wiring for reference later on
  • Grab the new control board
  • Disconnect the first wire and connect it to the new control board
  • Disconnect the next wire and connect it to the new control board
  • Continue on until all wires have been connected to the new control board
  • There are 6 screws on the back of the control panel
  • Remove them at this point
  • Pull the back panel off
  • There will be three special washers located on the front of the board
  • Be sure to install these onto the new control board
  • These prevent the buttons from sticking
  • Next, thread the washers onto the screw
  • This will help hold the screw in place while installing the board
  • Line up the hole and screw
  • Install the remaining screws onto the new board
  • The control board has now been replaced
  • Next, close up the unit with the front face plate
  • This is done by using the 6 screws
  • Plug the power cord into the back of the unit
  • Test that the replacement has been successful and that no buttons are sticking

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