Replacing Air Pump in MP Series Ozone Generator

MP Series Technical Walkthroughs


This will be the same process to replace the air pump on the MP-1000, MP-3000, MP-5000 and MP-8000. Keep in mind, the MP-1000 will have a different air pump. Purchase the air pump here

  • To begin, remove the screws around the outer shell of the unit
  • Place the removed screws in a secure location, such as a bowl, to prevent them from being lost in the repair process
  • Next, remove the outer shell
  • This will expose the internal components of the unit
  • The air pump is located towards the bottom of the internal components
  • Flip the unit on its side
  • There will be four screws on the bottom
  • Remove the nut on the screws
  • It is a nylon insert nut
  • Place these additional screws in the bowl or other secure location
  • After removing these bottom screws, the air pump will be loose
  • Make sure to hold the air pump while removing the nuts as it could fall and be damaged
  • For non-repaired units, there will be a wire tie on the air pump wiring
  • Cut the tie so the wires are loose
  • There will be a bulkhead on the inside front of the unit
  • Loosen this bulkhead to release the air pump from the unit
  • The air pump can now be removed from the unit
  • Remove the nut from the end of the air pump
  • The air pump should now be held onto the unit by only the power cord
  • This last remaining cord will be plugged into the air compressor power switch located on the inside front of the unit
  • At this point, you can take a picture of the wiring to know where each goes later
  • Pull out the top two cords
  • The air pump is now uninstalled
  • Grab the new air pump and attach the wires to the connectors
  • If you are following along in the video, the white will go on the left and black will go on the right
  • Next, line the feet of the air pump up with the holes on the bottom of the unit where the previous air pump was held
  • Turn the unit on its side while holding the air pump in place
  • Fasten the nuts to secure the air pump in its position
  • Make sure the are snug because a loose air pump will create a rattling sound within the unit
  • Turn the unit back over
  • If you have zip ties, we recommend securing the wires
  • This will ensure they are controlled within the unit
  • Make sure the zip tie is snug, but not too tight
  • The wires should be able to move on their own
  • Cut off the excess zip tie
  • Take the nut that was on the bulkhead on the inside of the unit and connect it to the tube of the new air pump
  • Thread it down to place the end of it on the bulkhead
  • Once the bulkhead is fitted, tighten this nut back up
  • The repair has now been completed
  • Replace the shell to make sure the new air pump is functioning properly inside the unit

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