MP Series Ozone Generator Water Applications

MP Series Ozone Generator Water Application Guide

The MP Series can be used to clean water in emergency storage, spas, bathtubs, fountains, wading pools and more. It can also be used to clean drinking water from well sources or city water supplies. Ozone will remove undesirable tastes, chemicals, odors and colors caused by iron, copper, manganese, chlorine and organic chemicals such as pesticides, and herbicides.

NOTE: Do not use water from a source that is questionable.

With the MP Series, treating water is a simple process. Times will vary based on the application and strength of the MP Series unit.

Follow these steps:

  • To treat water, place the white or gray dispersion stone into the water container. 
  • The white dispersion stone is typically used for water applications.
  • The gray dispersion stone is typically used for oil applications, but can also be used for water applications.
  • The stone should be no more than 4 inches deep.
  • Ozone removes excess minerals including iron, manganese and lead, as well as radon and sulfur gases.

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Emily, Marketing Manager

Hi Robert, thanks for your question. When our engineer gets into the office, he will give you a call back. He can determine which unit is best for this application.



Robert M Owen

I would like to purify harvested rainwater stored in a 1100 gallon cistern for household use including drinking. Is this possible with a MP unit and if so what size would I need? The rainwater would be coming off a new metal roof with a first flush device on each downspout and surgical mesh stainless steel gutter guards..

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