MP Series Ozone Generator Quick Start Guide

MP Series Ozone Generator Quick Start Guide

  • Plug your power cord into the back of the unit and the wall socket.
  • Remove bulkhead nut on O3 OUT, insert bulkhead into the tubing, and screw nut back onto the O3 OUT port.
  • Attach diffuser stone to opposite end of tubing. Keep in mind, the diffuser stones are used for water and oil applications. 
  • Important: Be sure to set the unit above water or oil level that you are ozonating. If water or oil backs up into the unit, electrical failure can result. 
  • FOR OXYGEN AIR: Ensure that Green Compressor switch is in the OFF position when using Oxygen Air. Disconnect small tubing from O2 IN. (Do not be concerned with AIR OUT.) Connect Oxygen Source to O2 IN. Adjust Oxygen Source to Oxygen Flow Rate to a maximum of 8L/minute, or a maximum of PSI 15. FOR AMBIENT AIR: Turn on both Green Compressor button and the Green Ozone button, n that order. (Your unit will not power up until the timer is set. See step 8)
  • Turn the Power button on -- it is located on the back of the unit by the cord.
  • Turn Ozone Concentration knob to 100% or desired concentration. CAUTION: If Ozone Concentration is below 20%, the unit will not power up unless external oxygen is attached. Dial can be adjusted after starting, but avoid dialing up and down continually, as this action may harm the control board.
  • Set Timer for desired duration. The Timer can be dialed counterclockwise to allow for an "Always On" function. That is not recommended for Oxygen Air. At this point, you have powered up the MP Unit.
  • To turn the unit off: For AMBIENT AIR, turn off the Ozone switch, wait 10 seconds, and turn off the green button for compressor. For OXYGEN AIR, turn off the ozone, then wait 10 seconds and turn off the O2. 

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