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mp series multipurpose ozone generator maintenance guide

Clean Fan Screen:

Clean the MP Series fan screen every 2 to 4 weeks as needed. If the ozone generator is installed in a poor air quality area with dust, the screen must be cleaned as needed in order for air to pass through the unit and cool the parts inside the generator.

• Turn the ozone generator off

• Remove the back fan guard and screen

• Clean sponge screen with water and soap

• Dry sponge screen with a clean towel

• Reinstall the screen and fan guard

• Turn the ozone generator on

• Be sure the screen does not touch the fan blade

Changing Board Voltage:

• To begin, unplug the unit

• Open up the MP unit by removing the outer shell

• Next, find the three small silver prongs on a black piece next to the ozone board power wire

• The jumper will be placed on this black piece with the three small silver prongs

• Find the small black jumper on the board

• Next, move the jumper forward one prong

• Then, secure the prong in place by pressing it down

• By moving the jumper forward, you have successfully changed your unit to 220 volts

• Other parts will still be 110 volts (ex: fan, air pump)

Changing Fuse:

Fuses are located on the back left side. MP-3000, MP-5000 and MP-8000 require a 3 AMP midget fuse, MP-1000 requires a 2 AMP midget fuse. There is also a fuse on the ozone board. It will be either a 2A blade fuse or a 5A blade fuse, depending on your unit’s model.

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