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mp series installation guide clean well water with ozone generator

Ozone Generator Placement

  • Install ozone generator in a clean, dry area with a good ventilation.
  • The MP Unit should be placed above any water tank level. 
  • If pressure is lost in the venturi vacuum and the unit is below water tank level, gravity will cause water to travel down the ozone output hose and enter into the ozone generator.
  • Please look at the provided drawing for more information (Figure 1.2). 
mp series schematic diagram water uses via venturi injector method
  • Water height should be less than 5 feet (1.5 m).
  • NOTE: Place the ozone generator in room temperatures below 130 degrees F. 

Venturi Installation

  • Install venturi with by-pass valve on water recirculation pipeline (Figure 1.1). 
mp series installation guide injector manifold schematic diagram
  • The arrow on venturi should be set in the same direction as water flow.
  • Turn water pump on and close the by-pass valve until a vacuum is created at the venturi input.
  • NOTE: Use a gauge to check vacuum -2 to -3 PSI (-0.14 to -0.21 bars) or place finger over end of venturi valve to feel the vacuum. At this point, the air is injected into the water line. This can be observed as air bubbles inside the water tank.
  • NOTE: The water tank requires an exhaust to the outside of the building.

Main Power

  • Use the power cable provided to connect the MP Series to a properly rated and grounded receptacle. 
  • If the MP Series will be used where water is present, a ground fault circuit interrupter must protect the circuit.

Ready to install your MP Series unit but lack the venturi injector you need? Check them out here.

For more detailed instructions on the operation of the MP Series, read the product manual here.

To view the Multi-Purpose Series product line, click here

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