How to use and dry the Silica Air Dryer with the Aqua 8, SP, and MP Series


The silica air dryer is a great accessory to add to your machine. This air dryer keeps moisture from getting into the unit while it is running. This is helpful to keep the unit dry and prevent humidity, mildew, rust and corrosion within the unit. When these units are operating, they bring oxygen in through the O2 In ports. The oxygen that is used typically contains moisture, and this moisture can damage the inside of the machine. Over time, the blue beads in the air dryer absorb as much moisture as they can. When this happens, the beads will turn into a pink color. Below we show how to easily dry the beads for more use.

How to install

1. Remove the red silicone caps from both sides of the air dyer. This is used only to keep the unit dry during shipping.
2. Insert one of the copper fittings into the side that the flow arrow points to.
3. Depending on your unit, connect one piece of flexible tubing to the “Oxygen In, Air In O2 In, or O2 In” ports. Connect the other end of the tubing to the copper fitting.
4. MP UNITS ONLY: Connect the 2nd copper fitting into the other end of the dryer. Attach a second piece of tubing to the fitting and to the “Air Out” port.
5. Turn on unit.



How to dry 

1. Remove the air dryer from the machine by disconnecting all tubing.
2. Unscrew the large plastic end and remove cotton pad.
3. Pour the beads into an oven-safe baking dish or pan. 
4. Place beads in oven at 100* F.
5. Watch as the beads turn back to blue, and once all of the pink is gone take the beads out of the oven.
6. Let cool until room temp, put the beads back into the dryer, and replace the cotton pad and plastic top.


In case of accidental leakage of ozone, keep the ozone generator in a 
well- ventilated area. 
Ozone generators emit ozone. Do not inhale ozone. 
Ozone generators generate high voltage. 
Our ozone generators are designed and distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA. EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1. Produced and made in China.

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