How to Wash Vegetables with Ozone Generator

Aqua-6 Aqua-8 Water Applications

“Produce is sold out in the open where anyone can handle it, and it comes from the soil, so there could be dirt on it,” Linda Harris, a department chair and food-safety researcher at the University of California, Davis told TIME

Washing produce with tap water and rubbing with a paper towel is an effective cleaning method, however introducing ozone can provide an added layer of security.

  • The shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended by ozone treatment.
  • To help keep produce fresh, follow these steps:
    • Fill your sink or a large bowl with water.
      • We recommend using a glass bowl, as ozone will degrade plastic over time.
    • Average sized sinks should be half-full.
    • Place the diffusion stone 2 to 4 inches deep into the water
    • Place the vegetables and or fruits to be treated in the water
    • Operate the Aqua-8 or Aqua-6 for 10 minutes
    • For the Aqua-8, this is Function #5.
    • If using the Aqua-6, this is Function #3.
    • Ozone has a half-life of 30 minutes in water. 
    • Allow the produce to sit in the ozonated water for up to 30 minutes. 
    • Next, remove the produce from the ozonated water and enjoy!


The most effective unit for vegetable washing is the Aqua-8. Learn more about this multi-purpose ozone generator here



In case of accidental leakage of ozone, keep the ozone generator in a 
well- ventilated area. 
Ozone generators emit ozone. Do not inhale ozone. 
Ozone generators generate high voltage. 
Our ozone generators are designed and distributed by A2Z Ozone, Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky USA. EPA Est.: 95432-KY-1. Produced and made in China.

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    You can purchase both the Aqua-8 and the Aqua-6 here on our website! Please follow the link below to our water page, where you will find both products:
    If I use the Google currency calculator, the Aqua-8 looks to be around 1978.87 pesos. The Aqua-6 seems to be about 1500.82 pesos. This is before taxes.


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