Car Ozone Generator Treatment: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to perform an ozone treatment car odors. Ozone treatment will eradicate unpleasant odors leaving your vehicle smelling fresh. The Air Series will destroy these odors within minutes.

1. To treat your car with ozone you will need an ozone generator capable of air sanitization and an extension cord.

2. Before beginning, place your car near a power outlet or have an extension cord that will reach the vehicle.

3. First, crack the passenger window far enough for the power cord to fit in.

Ozone Generator Car Odor Elimination

4. Then, place your unit on the passenger front floorboard.

Ozone Generator Car Odor Elimination


5. Next, turn your car A/C on with the recirculation turned on

6. Turn on your unit for 15 minutes and allow the car to circulate the ozone through the cooling system to help oxidize smells and allergens in the cooling vents

7. After the ozonation process is complete, wait 30 minutes for the ozone to dissipate.

8. Your car should be smelling fresh now, but if you can still smell the odors you were trying to eliminate repeat the process.

To treat car odors, use a unit from our Air Series.

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