How to Remove Cigarette Odor from Rental Properties

A study sponsored by Pfizer Canada revealed the disadvantages sellers may face if they have smoked inside their home. According to CBC the, "study showed that an overwhelming majority of 401 real estate agents and brokers surveyed agreed that it is more difficult to sell a home where owners have smoked."

The same study also suggest the value of a property may be reduced by up to 30 percent if the previous owner has regularly smoked inside. The study found that smoking inside a home may eliminate some buyers completely. According to the same study, "More than half of respondents — 56 per cent — said most buyers are less likely to purchase a home where people have smoked, and 27 per cent said most buyers are actually unwilling to buy a home where people have smoked."

There are many ways to reduce smoke smells in the property, but what is a way to remove it completely and permanently? We recommend the use of ozone generators to completely remove these odors. Ozone is a preferred method because it will oxidize the odors instead of simply masking it. This will neutralize the smells for good.

  • First, treat the individual room that has the worst odor or smoke damage
    • Before turning the unit on, remove all valuables, plants, and/or pets from the room so they do not come into direct contact with ozone
  • Second, determine the severity of the smell, which will dictate the amount of time needed for cleaning
    • For example, heavy smoke smells will require longer treatment times (4 hours or more), while pet smells could be solved in a shorter amount of time (4 hours or less)
  • Next, place the unit into the severely impacted room and turn the unit on full power while selecting the appropriate time setting on the unit
    • Be sure to leave the room immediately after the unit begins producing ozone
  • Use the A/C system to freshen the entire home if the odor is still present
    • This will push ozone through the vents with the A/C fan
  • Determine where the air return vent is on the heating and cooling system
  • Remove the filter and turn the AC fan ON
  • Place the unit in front of or near the return vent and be sure the heating and cooling system’s fan is to the always on position
  • Turn the unit on for a 4-hour cycle and immediately exit the building
  • It will be safe to return to the building at a minimum of 4.5 hours later, but we recommend returning 5 hours later or longer

After the process is complete, ozone reverts back to oxygen meaning no residual chemicals are left behind. This is a preferred method to bleach or other chemical alternatives because it leaves the treated area smelling fresh.

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Please Note: Be sure to only use your ozone generator in an unoccupied area. Our units produce high amounts of ozone. It is not safe to run the unit in an occupied area for more than 1 minutes. Be sure to remove any valuable items, pets and/or plants before you use the ozone generator. Do not breathe in ozone directly.


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