How to Clean A7K Air Ozone Generator Plates

A7K Technical Walkthroughs

Watch this video to clean ozone plates in the A7K Air Ozone Generator. Doing this regularly will extend the life of your ozone generator by oxidizing material that could be stuck on the plate.

  • Remove the screws on the outside of the unit
  • Older A7K units will have 7 screws
  • Newer units will have 6 screws
  • Place the screws in a safe location
  • Remove the outside cover
  • Use a razor blade to scrape oxidized material from the plates
  • We recommend using a flat straight razor blade for best results
  • Be sure to not hit where the plates are soldered together
  • If the soldered is fractured, the plate will need to be replaced
  • Scrape across the grid lines on the plate
  • Be sure to scrape the plate evenly
  • Clean oxidized materials from the razor blade as needed
  • Repeat this process unit the metallic finish of the plate returns
  • Use a paper towel or blow across the plates to remove oxidized material that could be left
  • Replace the outside cover to the unit
  • Place screws back into the unit
  • Connect the power cord to test that the unit is still working properly
  • There should be a purple glow coming off the plate
  • Cleaning the plate will limit spotting and should emit a steady purple glow of ozone being produced

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