How to Check Ozone Levels in Water

Water Applications

We are very excited to offer a new product on our website: SenSafe® Ozone Check Strips! Each bottle contains 50 strips for quick and effective testing of ozone levels in any water source.

Testing how much ozone is in your water is important! With SenSafe® Ozone Check Strips, you can accurately detect faint ozone levels in your water.

  • These check strips can be used to ensure your unit is producing ozone as intended.
                    Or to troubleshoot if the unit is not producing ozone as it should.
  • The ability to check ozone concentration in water is also important if you ozonate your drinking water. Check strips allow you to accurately check if all the ozone has dissipated from your water.
  • On a larger scale, it is important know how much ozone concentration you are getting in your pool. You may want to check near and far from the ozone injection site to ensure your pool is being properly sanitized.
  • It is also important to check to ensure the safety of your fish if you are ozonating a fish tank.
  • In wastewater treatment, it is important to monitor how much ozone has been injected into the water, as different substances are oxidized at different ozone levels. According to, hydrogen sulfide gives water an unpleasant odor and oxidizes at 3mg ozone to 1mg of H2S. For proper water sanitation, one would need to know how much ozone has been injected versus the contaminants in the water source.
  • Lab units also need testing to ensure they are performing up to standard. In lab experiments, precise measuring is key, so it is important to ensure everything is performing as intended.


Easily detect ozone levels in your water source:

  • Dip the test strip into a water source (at least 50mL) for 10 seconds and gently move the strip back and forth
  • Shake briskly a couple times to remove excess water (do not dry completely)
  • Wait 20 seconds and then compare to the chart on the bottle for results. For best results, fold the strip in half to see the color result on a white background.
  • After the 20 second wait period, compare your results with the chart on the back of the bottle


To see this new product in action, watch our new video!



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