Changing Voltage on MP Series Ozone Generators

How to Change Voltage in MP Series Ozone Generator

This walkthrough shows how to change the voltage on any MP unit from 110 volts to 220 volts. For additional technical assistance, call the A2Z Ozone office or email the technician directly. 

  1. To begin, unplug your unit 

  2. Open up your MP unit by removing the outer shell

  3. Next, find the three small silver prongs on a black piece next to a white piece with two silver prongs

  4. The jumper will be placed on this black piece with the three small silver prongs

  5. Find the small black jumper on the board

  6. Next, move the jumper forward one prong

  7. Then, secure the prong in place by pressing it down

  8. By moving the jumper forward, you have successfully changed your unit to 220 volts

In the video below, our technician walks through the process:

If you have additional questions, call our office at (502) 499-4977 for technical troubleshooting.

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To download a PDF of these instructions, click here.

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