Attaching Silica Air Dryer to MP Series

MP Series Technical Walkthroughs

MP Series multipurpose ozone generator attaching silica air dryer for pure concentrated ozone


  • Scissors

Installation Instructions

  • First, you will need a sense of the length of tubing necessary to connect the MP Series unit and silica air dryer.
  • This is determined by where the silica air dryer will be stored in relation to the MP unit.
  • For example, the silica air dryer could be stored in front of the machine or fastened to the top of the unit.
  • Once this has been determined, the tubing can be cut appropriately.
  • To begin the installation, take off the bulkhead nut that holds the tubing to the air out and air in ports (the whole tubing piece will be removed).
  • Connect one of these bulkheads back on to the tubing and then connect the tubing back to the air out port.
  • The silica air dryer will have an arrow designating which direction the air flow is supposed to travel.
  • Connect the air out tubing to the silica air dryer according to the arrow indicator.
  • Take the other spare tubing set that comes with your MP series unit and you'll go ahead and connect it to the air out side of the silica air dryer.
  • Keep in mind, it could be necessary to stretch out the tubing when connecting it to the correct ports.
  • This can be done by taking a screwdriver or a pen to gently stretch the tubing.
  • Finally, take your last bulkhead nut and put it on the tubing.
  • The tubing will then be connected to the air out port.
  • Screw the bulkhead nut on to secure the tubing in place.
  • The silica air dryer has successfully been installed.

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