Attaching an Oxygen Generator to the MP-1000

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mp-1000 multi-purpose ozone generator oxygen generator tank hookup for pure concentrated ozone

  • Before beginning, this setup will require an additional set of tubing.
  • The tubing does not need to be PTFE or another ozone resistant material as this portion of the tubing will not come into direct contact with ozone
  • For the MP-1000 and other smaller units, we recommend the Topaz Onyx oxygen generator
  • This typically applies for units that are 1 to 10 grams per hour
  • There is a tubing loop going from the “Air Out” port to the “O2 In” port on the MP-1000
  • Next, unscrew the bulkhead nut from the “O2 In” port on the MP-1000
  • It could be necessary to use a screwdriver to pry the nut off the port
  • Place the removed bulkhead nut on the opposite end of the tubing connected to the oxygen generator
  • Then, screw the bulkhead to attach the tubing to the “O2 In” port on the MP-1000
  • Be sure the nut is secure to create a clamp that will maintain the pressure produced from the oxygen generator
  • It could be necessary to stretch the tubing with a screwdriver
  • Remove the nut from the port and attach it to another set of tubing
  • Take this set of tubing with the bulkhead nut and attach it to the “O3 Out” port on the MP-1000
  • Screw the nut and tubing onto the port to create a secure clamp that holds the tubing in place
  • Next, attach the stone to the opposite side of the tubing connected to the “O3 Out” port on the MP-1000
  • The stone should be placed lower than the MP-1000 to prevent technical failure to the unit
  • To safely operate the unit/stone at the same level, a check valve should be used
  • Set the regulator on the oxygen generator to 4 liters per minute
  • Keep in mind, 4 liters per minute is the optimal setting for the MP-1000
  • If the oxygen levels are set too high, there is a risk internal components, such as the ozone cell, could be damaged
  • This type of damage would fall under operator error and would not be covered under warranty
  • Next, on the MP-1000, switch the O3 switch to the ON position
  • Since the oxygen generator is being used, the Air Switch does not need to be flipped to the ON position
  • Next, set the timer on the MP-1000 is set for the desired application timer
  • Make sure the ozone concentration knob is at the correct setting for the desired application
  • Finally, flip the oxygen generator and MP-1000 to the ON position
  • The MP-1000 should now be producing pure concentrated ozone with the oxygen generator of your choosing

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