Aquatic Spa Ozonator Troubleshooting Chart

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aquatic spa ozone generator troubleshooting chart


Possible Cause

What to Do

Cloudy water condition even though the unit appears to be operating properly

Unit and pump not operating long enough

Increase operating time (min. 6 hours is recommended)

Total alkalinity not correct

Adjust total alkalinity between 8 and 150 ppm

pH not correctly balanced

Check for proper pH between 7.2 and 7.6

Not enough suction

Clear any obstruction in the water lines or return fitting

Dirty, loose or cracked filter

Check/replace spa filter as needed

Metals or minerals in the water

Ozone may react with metals/minerals in the water causing cloudy water. Check alkalinity pH and clean filter. Run filtration system and ozone 24 hours.

System won’t turn on/off

Water backing into the unit

Mounting the unit as high as possible in relation to the spa water level is important. There is also a one-way check valve provided to prevent the back flow of water from reaching it. As a secondary precaution, a Hartford Loop in the tubing, also hanging above water level, will help prevent water damage to the unit.

The red LED not lit on ozone generator

No power to the ozonator

Check the electrical connections and then the fuse

If you are experiencing an issue with your unit that is not listed here, email our Head Technician at or give our office a call at 502-499-4977.

If your unit is within warranty, fill out the Warranty Work form to begin the repair process for your unit.

For more detailed operation information on the Aquatic spa ozone generator, download the manual.

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