A7K Ozone Generator Troubleshooting Chart

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A2Z Ozone understands that even in ideal conditions, a defect may occur in one of our products. If this happens with your A7K, check this chart for a potential solution or contact us for repair work.


Possible Cause

What To Do

No Power

Main Fuse

Check the main fuse next to the power in port. If that is intact check the fuse located on the main control board

Defective Control

If your unit has some power you will see an indicator light flash when the power button is pressed. The other option is that the fuses are both ok and power is present but not distributing it through the system.

No Ozone

Old or Damaged Plates

Look in the side of the unit with the vents. There should be a purple glow all over the ozone plate. If there isn’t any glow or it is very “spotty” then you will need to replace them.

Order C-3500 Ceramic Ozone Plates Set to repair this issue.

Unit in Repeat Mode

When you select a repeat timer, the unit will run its full timer function and then the fan will continue to run until the power is turned off. However, the ozone plates will turn off until the next ozonation cycle after the repeat timer.

No Plates Selected

Hit O3 Plate Selection Button until the desired amount of plates are selected.

If you are experiencing an issue with your unit that is not listed here, email our Head Technician at service@a2zozone.com or give our office a call at 502-499-4977.

If your unit is within warranty, fill out the Warranty Work form to begin the repair process for your unit.

For more detailed operation information on the A7K Air Ozone generator, download the manual.

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