A7K Quick Start Guide

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a7k air ozone generator quick start guide

1. Plug power cord into unit and wall socket

2. Turn power button on located by the power cord

3. Push power button on the front of the unit or on the remote control         

Note: Unit should come on with the fan option on low, power and fan low led illuminated

4. Push repeat option on or off

5. Select plate options: push = 1 plate, push again = plate 2, push again = both plates, push again = plates off                                                           

Note: 1 plate = 3500 mg/hour, output, both plates = 7000 mg/hour

6. Fan speed = low, medium, high

7. Timer options = 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hour, and 4 hour                                 

Note: When the unit is powered off it will default to the last settings you used

8. Unit is running and the settings are as follows: Repeat = on, plate option = both 1&2, Fan speed = high, Timer option = 1 hour, and you turn the unit off it will save these settings so when you power the unit back on the options will be set like the example


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