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What kind of technology is used in A2Z Ozone generators?

How do I determine the best unit for me?

Can I be in the room when my unit is running?

What are the cells made from?

When using the ozonator, do I need to turn off the internal air compressor if I do not have an oxygen generator/tank/concentrator, etc. attached?

What are the stones for?

What is PPM and how does it relate to ozone generators?

Can I drink the water that I ozonate?

How long should I wait to drink my ozonate water after ozonating?

Are my pets safe around ozone?

Are my plants safe around ozone?

How do I fix. . .?

How much ozone do the units put out?

What are the gamma measurements for my particular unit?

Do you have distributors in my area?

Air Applications

What is the best location to put the ozonator?

Will the ozone go through walls?

Will ozone ruin my leather furniture or electronic equipment?

Will the odor removal be permanent?

Which unit is best for shock treatment of air?

How long do the generators last?

Pool Applications

What is a Venturi Injector?

How long will ozone last in my pool?

How much chemical treatment will I need to supplement the ozone?

Will humidity impact the pool?

Is ozone safe for the pool equipment?