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I Don't Wanna Grow Up! August 01 2016, 0 Comments

olive oil

(Photo Credit: The Charlie Foundation)

Let’s face it… the older we get, the more and more we start to notice changes in our bodies. But most especially, in our skin! Fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin. OH MY! So, it’s pretty common for us to spend $30-$40 dollars on a cream each month that what we think is going to make us look younger. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to spend that $30-$40 dollars each month?! What if I told you that you could make your own miracle cream and save yourself money? Too good to be true? Wrong! It is entirely possible and the benefits are amazing!

Ozonated Olive Oil is a product that is really taking off! It has a million different uses! Here are some of the uses and what our customers have used it for:

 Fistulae Hemorrhoids Shingles
Athlete's Foot Hot Spots Skin Detoxify and Healthy Glow
Bed Sores Impetigo Skin Moisturizer
Bee Stings Improves Skin Tone Skin Yeast
Blisters Inflammation Sunburn
Boils Insect Bites Surgery Wounds
Bruises Itch Mites Sweat Gland Infections
Burns Itching Tinea Versicolor
Candida Leg Ulcers Toothache
Hair follicle infections Ulcers Chilblains
Makeup removal Yeast Infection Cold
Warts Cold Sores Muscle Aches
Dermatitis Pimples Wounds
Diaper Rash Poison Oak Wrinkles
Dry Skin Psoriasis Gingivitis
Ear Infections Rash Scabies
Eczema Dry skin Fungal infections


Wow! That is a lot of different uses for one kind of cream!

Curious how to make it? Well, when we were making it in-store, we used our S-32 G and paired that with an Oxygen Generator as well. This would produce about 2 gallons for us. But that isn’t the only unit that can be used for making the oil! Our MP-1000 up to our MP-8000 Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator can be used to make Ozonated Olive Oil.

Here is a chart on how long it will take for each unit to make the salve or Ozonated Olive Oil:


 Unit Ounces Time Span
MP-1000 6-10 oz 3-4 days (salve)
MP-3000 6-12 oz 2-3 days (salve)
MP-5000 6-14 oz 2-3 days (salve)
MP-8000 6-18 oz 2-3 days (salve)


Here is the set-up that one of our customers has when they are making their own Ozonated Olive Oil.

Oil Setup

We would be happy to help with any questions that you may have when ordering a unit or making your very own Ozonated Olive Oil! Give us a call at 502-499-4977! Happy Ozonizing!

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We're Going to Hawaii! July 01 2016, 0 Comments

Waikiki Beach


Join us in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii July 8 and July 9, 2015 for the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo. That’s next week! We can’t wait to see you there.

Why Hawaii?

It only makes sense for the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo to be held in Honolulu. It highlights Hawaii’s most important economic sector. The hospitality market in Hawaii is huge—there are 70,000 hotel rooms alone, not to mention the many rentals and timeshares.

We want you there!

Come enjoy the fine scenery and learn about the industries covered. You didn’t know that ozone generators were of value to the Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice industries? Our hotel customers use multi purpose units to clean rooms of musty smells. Restaurants make use of the units for sanitizing cooking areas and preparing vegetables. Even our SP Swimming Pool Series benefits our customers who have pools. We also expect to instruct representatives from country clubs, hospitals, and retirement homes on how they may improve their businesses. All can benefit from our products.

Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo Details:

The Expo will be held at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center located between Waikiki Beach and Honolulu’s business district. Hours are Wednesday, July 8 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Thursday, July 9 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is plenty of parking. Admission to the Expo is free! Visit our booth and see how we can help you with your needs.

Get further details at the Douglas Trade Shows website: