Pool and Spa Owners Rejoice! October 24 2016, 0 Comments

Soon, we are leaving for the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana! The show has a few of the special ones here excited. They get to go and enjoy the historic city of New Orleans while showing off A2Z Ozone’s innovative solutions for the pool and spa industry. We get excited whenever we get to share with people what ozone can do to a pool experience. And, it is an experience we are talking about. Crystal clear water with twice the power of cleaning as chlorine. Ozone reduces chemical use up to 95%! And we are just getting started! Once our customers hop into a pool or spa filled with ozonated water, they cannot even think about the process that ozone is performing in their water. This is because the water produces smooth and supple skin, keeps the hair in good shape, and eyes do not turn red! And it is so relaxing; words cannot describe it. This is truly what we want to share with the people who stop by our booth at the expo. Come watch our presentation, and listen to Erin, Sonya and Albert talk about the sensations you have been missing in your pool and spa. You can see us at the expo November 2 through November 4. We will be in Booth Number 2550. We will see you there!

International Pool Spa Patio Expo