About Us

A2Z is passionate about promoting sustainable, healthier living through innovative air and water purification for personal, industrial and commercial applications. Since 2002, the A2Z ozone team has engineered ozone generators and accessories to more than 100 countries globally.  Because we own our factory and design molds, we have the unique ability to create custom units at an affordable rate, making A2Z an industry leader in all things OZONE. As we move forward into a greener world, in which new and sustainable technology holds the key to a prosperous future, A2Z feels that ozone technology is that key.  With the support of our partners and customers, we believe we are well on our way to unlocking the potential of ozone.

Hapai Ozone Aid Free Shipping in USA Flowers in Ozonated Water

      Our MP Series Aids Relief in Ha'Apai             A2Z Ozone Offers Free Shipping in USA              The Aqua 6 helps keep flowers fresh!